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Tax Scams Increase as Tax Season Approaches

The attacks are emerging alongside the traditional e-mail based attacks that try to trick users into installing malware that can steal credentials or take control of systems. One of the new target tax scams uses the legitimate TeamViewer remote-control app to do its work. Other email-based attacks this year uses more traditional malware like the Trick banking trojan. ...

Popular WordPress Plugin Flaw is Being Actively Exploited

The flaw allows unauthenticated, remote hackers to execute some administrator functions without checking if they are an administrator. One such function is the capability to wipe the entire database of the vulnerable website, bringing it to its default state and clearing website databases of existing posts and user roles. A hacker could also be logged in as an administrator which would give them complete control over the website. ...

Millions of Peripherals Open to Cyberattacks

Firmware can be burned into the integrated circuit or the component may have its own flash memory where firmware is stored. Firmware can also be provided by the operating system at boot time. Regardless of the approach, firmware is used as the device-specific operating system for the peripherals, and can provide hackers many ways to hack into a system. Many peripheral devices do not verify that firmware is properly signed with a public/private key before running the code. ...

WordPRess Plugin Bug Affects 700,000 sites

The vulnerability, which does not yet have a CVE number, affects GDPR Cookie Consent version 1.8.2 and below. The developer was notified of the critical flaw and the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin was removed from the plugin directory pending a review. The flaw is the result of improper access controls in an endpoint used by the WordPress plugin's AJAX API. The endpoint is the “_construct” method within the plugin, used for initializing code for newly created objects. Once actio ...