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Deep Dive and Design

We can analyze any thorny process and business function flow. We have the right tools and expertise to help you do a deep dive and clarify your requirements that will help your business move and grow with your custom software.


We specialize in large and complex software development projects. We have over 50 years of joint professional software development experience. Whether it is web applications, cloud applications or desktop applications, we can provide custom tailored solutions to meet your business needs for the present an the future.

Support and Validation

Supporting a complex software platform requires the effective use of both preventative measures as well as rapid critical incident response to resolve problems quickly. Whether it’s an occasional problem or a fully managed support offering we have a support service to suit your needs.

Interesting New Features of Raspberry Pi 4

If you've played with a Raspberry Pi previously, especially if you've been trying to boost it's performance as possible, you probably had some overheating issues. The Raspberry Pi 4 is no different; in fact, it runs hotter. While it's still possible to use the board without extra cooling, if you plan on putting it in a case, active cooling is required to avoid thermal throttling. ...

Latest Intel Patches for Software Flaws

Intel has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in multiple products. A hacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to gain an escalation of privileges on a previously infected machine. The flaw stems from insufficient access control in a hardware abstraction driver for the software, versions earlier than 6.1.0731. The flaw allows an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege, denial of service or information disclosure via local access. ...

20 Year Old Bug in Microsoft Code

The kernel forces applications to connect to the ctfmon service when they start, and then exchange messages with other clients and receive notifications from the service. In cross-application communication, an authentication mechanism would ordinarily ensure that privileged processes are isolated from unprivileged processes. However, due to a lack of authentication in CTC, an unprivileged program running in one window can use it to connect to a high-privileged program in another, spawnin ...

User Control Perception

As UX designers, we try to ensure users will have positive experiences when using our apps. In other words, we manipulate them into thinking they have been empowered. Nadine Kintscher, a UX consultant at Sitback Solutions stated that we have all these controls for our smart phones from dimming the display to disabling notification which only extend the battery life by a few minutes but it gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling of being in charge. From Kintscher’s perspective, the perception of ...