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22,000 vulnerable containers found open on the cloud

Cloud credentials, an old problem resurfaces

Cloud related bug reports jump 275 percent

Cloud related Bugs found in QNAP Q'Center web console

Cloud related vulnerabilities patched by IBM and Apache

Cloud skills in demand for 2018

Cloud skills needs to be properly updated for IT department

Docker containers make money for cryptomining criminals

Improperly configured reverse proxy servers vulnerable to data leaks

Microsoft's new underwater data center

Resiliency in a multi cloud world

Samba patches for two security vulnerabilities available

Security concerns remain in a post CloudPets world

The future of serverless computers and relational databases

The most common cloud data management mistakes

Weight Watchers internal infrastructure exposed due to unprotected server

17 percent of all infected pirated content were from Game of Thrones

20 Year Old Bug in Microsoft Code

AMD investigating reports of critical vulnerabilities found in Ryzen chips

Another Chrome Use-After-Free Flaw Disclosed

Apples patches Intel bugs

Apples patches several flaws for iOS 12.2

Avast Network Hacked Again

BlueKeep Bug Still Threatens Windows Systems

Catalina 10.15 Fixes a Dozen Bugs

Chrome 76 Blocks Adobe Flash Player Support

Cloud based analytical systems becomes the tipping point for business

Cloud computing and security breaches

Cloud computing continues to grow

Cloud is safer when it comes to cyber attacks

Cloud servers vulnerable to attack

College students mine cryptocurrency in dorms

Counter-Strike client used to create huge botnet

Don't jump on the cloud band wagon just yet

Drupal Remote Code Execution flaw affects millions of websites

Facebook has been storing unencrypted passwords for years

Fake IRS Emails Spreads Malware

Fake Resumes Inject Malware

Firefox 69 Disables Flash Support ad Default Tracking Cookies

Firefox Critical Flaw Patched

Flaw in Sudo Gives Root Access

GoDaddy shuts down 15,000 subdomains

GoldBrute attempts to brute-force millions of RDP connections

Google Chrome Will Block File Downloads

Google moves towards quantum supremacy with 72-qubit computer

Google Translate used in latest phishing campaign

Hackers Are Increasingly Targeting MacOS

HiddenWasp Linux Malware identified

How Cloud will change IT, look at Microsoft

IBM plans to move Watson Health to the cloud

IMAP based attacks increasing

Intel and AMD team up against Nvidia

Intel CPUs affected by new, Spectre like attacks

Intel NUC and Nvidia Shield Flaws Fixed

Intel Patches Flaw in Security Engine

Intel patches graphics drivers for Windows 10

Intel processors security bug fix could slow down PCs

Intel put a quantum computer on a chip

Intel releases first Optane SSD for desktops

Latest Intel Patches for Software Flaws

Libssh authentication bypass leaves servers open to attacks

Linux kernel flaw allows remote execution

MacOS flaw disclosed by Project Zero

Magellan 2.0 flaws affect Google Chrome

Malware Attacks Against Mac

Malware Hidden In .WAV Files

Microsoft Internet Explorer Remote Code Execution Flaw Patched

Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft Meltdown-Spectre update crashes AMD PCs

Microsoft Now Blocks over 140 File Extensions

Microsoft Office zero day allows access outside sandbox

Microsoft Outlook breach impacts MSN an Hotmail

Microsoft Patches Crypto Spoofing Flaw

Microsoft Patches Two Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft releases quantum computing development kit preview

Microsoft September Patches

Microsoft Update Breaks Windows Defender

Microsoft's latest patch causing issues with antivirus programs

Millions of Peripherals Open to Cyberattacks

New virus doesn't a file during infection

Nvidia announces Titan V CPU

Nvidia patches GeForce Experience bug

Nvidia releases GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

Old tech still not properly wiped

Over 250 Facebook Users' Phone numbers Were Exposed Online

Play with Docker vulnerability

Preparing your data when moving to the cloud

Raccoon Malware

Ransomware on the rise

Researchers find new malware that uninstalls cloud security software

RunC Security Flaw could allow cascading attacks

Samsung GDDR6 memory with 16Gbps speeds comming soon

SandCat exploiting recently patched Win32k flaw

Security flaw in Mac OS High Sierra

Security Flaw in Microsoft Signed Drivers

Slack Bug Allows Remote Malware Injection

Smartwatches that learn your every move

Speakup sets up for attack

SupportAssist Flaw Affects Millions of Dell PCs

The public cloud is fast becoming a strategic tool

Thunderclap security flaw

Two cloud security myths

Two Microsofts: the good and the not so bad

Unpatched flaw in WooCommerce Checkout

UNSW unveils a complete quantum computer chip design

Vim and Neovim Bug Could Allow Trojan Code

VLC Media Player Vulnerability

Window 10 Update is Causing Systems to Freeze

Windows security flaw allows hacker to fake security dialog boxes

Windows Zero-Day is being actively exploited

WinRAR flaw allows hackers to gain full control over computer

WordPress Plugin Flaws Still Being Exploited

Zero-Day Flaw in Mojave

Memory management and the Stack

A stack organizes a set of data elements in a Last In, First Out ( LIFO ) manner. The three basic operations on a stack are: push which adds a new element to the top of the stack, pop which removes an element from the top of the stack, and a check to see if the stack is empty. ...

Variable Scoping in Go

Variables that are declared inside a function or a block are called local variables. They can be used only by statements that are inside that function or block of code. Local variables are not known to functions outside their own. The following example uses local variables. ...

Go Variables

A variable definition tells the compiler where and how much storage to create for the variable. A variable definition specifies a data type and contains a list of one or more variables of that type. There are two types of variable declarations, explicitly typed variables and implicitly typed variables. Below is an example of an explicitly typed variable ...

Python Tuples

We can tuple just like we create a list, except that we use regular brackets instead of square brackets. If we create a tuple with a single item, we need to include a comma at the end, otherwise we'll end up with a string. Tuples can hold different data types including lists so we can have a tuple with an element being a list. We access the values in a tuple by using the variable name with an index value enclosed in square brackets. We can also pick a range of values by using two indices se ...